WordPress Backups, Updates, and Security made friendly.

Dependable WordPress Maintenance

We’ll help you run a successful website without becoming a developer.

  • Backups

    • Daily Backups
    • Restorable
    • Saved Offsite

Your content rain or shine

Keeping an offsite backup of your website is an important best practice. Manually backing up your files and database can be a bit of a hassle and often is time consuming. And decoding how to restore that content can prove to be a headache.

We create daily backups of your website and store it off your server. Offsite storage protects against any unfortunate turn of events and does not hog space on your server. Backups are done at off-peak hours are performed in a manner that is kind to your bandwidth limits.

Backups Made Simple

  • Updates

    • Added Features
    • Fixed Bugs
    • Stay Current

Stress free Updates

WordPress itself, plugin authors, and theme authors release updates¬†to keep the platform safe, improve performance and functionality. It can be tempting to just click the update button… or worse, ignore the update notifications entirely.

You may have read an update can cause ‘conflicts’ on your website. Though this not often the case, it can happen. WP Help removes the mystery of how best to update by methodically managing the process for you.

Stay Updated

  • Security

    • Malware Scans
    • Restorable Content
    • Patched Vulnerabilities

Be The Owner of a Secure WordPress Install

Repairing a hacked website is a journey we hope you’ve never had to take. WP Help provides peace of mind by securing your WordPress site.

Your site’s files are scanned by Sucuri for malware. Your content is backed up and restorable. Your theme, plugins, and WordPress core files are up to date and patched.

Secure Your Site

Business Solutions

We also offer a collection of additional services designed to help you get the most out of your web presence.

Services range from finding dings in your search engine score, improving site load time, and providing a test environment for processing updates. Also included are services to provide worthwhile insight into your site’s traffic.

  • Professional Approach

    • Ecommerce Plugins
    • Optimize Database
    • Website Staging

  • SEO

    • 301 Redirects
    • Duplicate Content Scans
    • Broken Link Scans

  • Analytics

    • SEO Query Report
    • Google Analytics Reports
    • Spam Filters


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